Flames of Plenty is a troupe of professional fire, glow, and daytime dancers with one goal: to create dazzling performances you and your friends will never forget! Their highly-skilled dancers are thoroughly safety trained, fully insured, and experts in a variety of props and skills including hula hoops, poi, fans, swords, nunchucks, contact staff, palm torches, fire eating, and much more! 

Whether you need one fire dancer for a small event, or an entire cast of performers, they are passionate about meeting the needs of their clients. From private parties to corporate functions, weddings to festivals, school balls to sports events, They have something for every occasion and every budget. 
Flames of Plenty serves the entire North Island, primarily in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions.

Fire Performance: 1-5 dancers, roving or stage.
Hoops (single / double), Poi, Fans, Palm Torches, Nunchucks, Swords (single / double), Staff, Whips.

Glow Performance: 1-5 dancers, roving or stage
Glow/LED hoops (single / double), poi, staff, goddess wings. Special glow costumes worn at no extra cost.

"Daytime" Performance (regular Circus props) 1-5 dancers, roving or stage
Hula hoops, poi, fans, goddess wings, swords, staff. Themed costuming available: Elvish / Lord of the Rings inspired, Steampunk, General Circus, Alice in Wonderland, belly dancing regalia.

Ideal for: spectacular feature entertainment for corporate function, private party, wedding, festival, conference, gala event, product release

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