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How to use this site - we answer frequently asked questions:

How do I choose a band or act?
On our "Home" page you will find most of the the styles of acts we have  available. Simply click on to the act style you want then on the new page you will see top left hand, the area in NZ where you require the act. Once area is selected browse through the resultant acts and choose the ones you want a quote for - there is a "get a Quote" button on each act page for completion.

If you get lost always return to "Home"

Use the search function on the top right hand corner of every page - type in key words relating to entertainment you want or band names, song names etc - pretty flash eh!

Browse Acts: this is a great facility when you are really not sure what you want. This lists all acts on our web page, and if you look down the left hand side of the page you will find a list of buttons that you can use to refine your search. 

Call us on 09.8348355 and we will happily help. However as we are involved in lots of events each week we are not always in the office so email is the preferred method of communication

What does it cost?
We don't put prices on our web page because there are so many variables involving travel/arkward pack in/length of performance/band size etc. We are however usually able to give you an estimate of fees providing the performance is local for the act. Each act web page has an inquiry form specific to that act. Fill it in and press send and we will respond very quickly. This is the preferred inquiry method.

Sound Systems:
Unless otherwise stated prices quoted for bands will include sound system.
Bands normally have a system for playing interval music during band breaks

Set Up and Performance Times
Where applicable our Acts set up and sound check before the performance starts. So if you specify 7.00pm until 11.00pm performance the act will be there set up and ready to perform by 6.45pm - they will have set up any equipment before that. If required acts will set up earlier in the day. However be aware that this can sometimes incur an extra fee

Still Need Help?
Please feel free to email us ( see "contact us") or give us a call 09.8348355