Dust Palace offer a full range of circus performance options from high impact solo aerial acts to full super spectacular cirque shows and everything in between; ie: roving stilt performers, hand balance contortion performance installations, group acrobatic acts, breathtaking aerial and acrobatic duos, manipulation and equilibristic arts, unique and customized aerial apparatus, bespoke acts and massive Cirque style shows.

The Dust Palace have the best collection of high-end circus acts and roving circus performers in New Zealand.

Specialist performers in; aerial silks, corde-lisse, lyra (aerial hoop), aerial net and hammock, aerial chair, adagio (balance acrobatics), chair balance, hand balance, toss the girl, chinese pole, hula hoop, cyr wheel, juggling, unicycle, stilt walking, fire performers and more.

As a production house The Dust Palace is able to provide bespoke, tailored performances on any scale; from set solo acts, to commissioned group acts, to full length shows of international standard.

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Aerial Performance

On all their apparatus they have: Solo acts, Duo or group synchronised acts, Doubles acts (two people on the same apparatus)

Acts are 5-8 mins long. Music, costume and story elements can be specified by the client! No style is off limits!

Many of their aerial apparatus are unique to their company in NZ. Aerial spiral. aerial chair, z-ladder, aerial net, corde lisse (free rope), spanish web are all new and exciting to NZ audiences.

The Dust Palace have a troupe of 10 - 12 skilled aerialists enabling them to create wonderful larger group routines.

Bespoke Combination Acts

With their huge range of acts, The Dust Palace is able to offer a pick'n'mix option.

Adding amazing value for money, these 10 - 20 minute shows are specifically catered for our clients needs and wants by allowing them to select the skill sets then seamlessly merge into one spectacular show of varied talent.

Moving swiftly between amazing ground based skill and stunning aerial work the shows are always fast paced, exciting and dedicated to keeping everyone's jaw firmly on the floor.

The added bonus is a touch of theatricality. They mix the international level skill with story elements, making the experience heightened and magical and keeping the audience engaged and wanting more!

Combination acts can range from 8 - 20 minutes in length, include 2 - 6 performers and incorporate up to 6 different skill sets.

Ground Based Acts

Creating wow factor in a room with limited height is a technique The Dust Palace are well practiced in! They have created full length high-end circus shows with a full range of skills and even aerial work in rooms that have a limited height and no rigging ability.

Their high end skills that they can fit into any space are:
Adagio (duo acrobalance), Trio (three person balance), Toss the girl, Chair balance, Contortion Hand Balance, Cyr Wheel (large metal hoop) and man rigged Aerial Hoop!!

In addition to these they have; Juggling, Hula Hoops, Rola Bola, Stilt Walking, Unicycle, Cigar Boxes, Diabolo and Magic.

Ground Based Menu 1

Most of the below skills can either be performed as an act on stage; as a roving skill where the performer moves amongst the audience creating atmosphere and close up delight; or as a performance installation.
- Man-Rigged Lyra (Aerial Hoop) - An awesome way to get aerial performance in a low room with no rigging points! Aerial Hoop is a gorgeous dance.
- Adagio (balance acrobatics) is always an impressive option with its superhuman display of strength and grace. They have 3 size matched couples who can be perfectly synchronized which looks quite stunning.
- Chair Balancing is a beautiful and really dangerous act. It is slow and controlled and always has audiences on the edge of their seats. It is most often performed as a duo but you can have solo or an even more exciting trio act!
- Cyr Wheel is a fantastic superfast paced apparatus. It's still uncommon, highly skilled and amazing to watch!
- Handbalance Contortion is almost unbelievable to watch with your own eyes. There are solo, duo and trio acts each with stunning skills to show.
- Trio Balance work is the next level in human balancing requiring 200% more skill and strength. Minimum of three performers for this act.
- Toss the Girl is a circus act which is fast growing in popularity. It's exciting and super dynamic! Two or three guys throw, flip and spin a girl through the air! There are three person and six person acts.

Having roving performers or performers installed in an area of the room as the audience walk in can create a divine atmosphere and be visually stunning.It also gives an audience a talking point and something to focus on on arrival.

Adagio, Trio Balance, Handbalance Contortion, Cyr Wheel and Chair Balance can all be performed as either roving acts or as an installation. As these high-end skills are on the extreme side of physical possibility they can be activated for 30 min blocks.

Ground Based Menu 2

- Hula Hoops is always fun and lively and makes a great counterpoint to the more dangerous nail-biting acts.
- Fire performance has many and varied skill sets within it. Fire Staff, Fire Juggling, Fire Poi, Fire Fans, Ball and Chain, Whips and Fire Sword, not to mention Fire Breathing!
- Rola Bola is an age old circus act and an extremely difficult feat of balance. Works better as an act or an installation type performance.
- Juggling works well as a roving skill to enliven a room but can also make a great act.
- Cabaret or Burlesque acts can be a sumptuous way to create a wonderfully varied and artistic show.
- Stilt Walking, Unicycle and Tumbling can be nice roving additions to any environment.

The Dust Palace can add the wow factor to your event!

Ideal for: corporate function, private party, conference, special feature

Hi Robyn,
The act did well considering the weather, many thanks for the follow up.
Jamie Freeman
Hospitality NZ event – Burning Man theme
Fire performer

Thanks Robyn,
The performers looked perfect in their green costumers and did a great job circulating around during the event.
Kind regards
Corporate Awards Ceremony cocktail reception hour
juggler, hula hooper and partner adagio performers

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