Tauranga Samba is a Brazilian percussion Bateria (drumming group) provide a variety of options for their clients.

Weddings - For weddings and functions Tauranga Samba can provide a group numbering in size from 10-20. Its a dynamic and loud performance that is particularly suited to outdoor weddings. (for more enclosed areas they would reduce the number of players and be mindful of reducing the volume)
Options for weddings are
- The group playing in 10 - 15 minute sets as the guests arrive
- Playing short 5 - 15 minute slots while the after wedding formalities are dealt with
- Playing as the Bride and Groom leave the wedding venue.
The above are options that can be mixed and matched according to your wishes - they are keen to provide you with exactly want you want on the day.
Its a very unique and powerful experience for anyone looking for a fresh, alternative approach to wedding entertainment.

Corporate - For corporate events Tauranga Samba can provide entertainment that can be used at conferences, functions and outdoor events.

Corporate Workshops - Not only do they play for corporate events, the group also offer workshops for teambuilding. If required, Tauranga Samba can both offer a workshop and play on the same day.

Large Outdoor Events - Having an event or festival where your want a booming sound to draw attention to your event? The sound of Tauranga Samba at full strength will leave no doubt that there is something going on and will draw people in to have a look.

Ideal for: corporate function, private party, wedding, carnival, street parade, festival, team building event, corporate workshop

Brasilian rhythms:
Samba Reggae
Samba Funk
Partido Alto

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