Pipi-Ayesha is an aerialist, stilt walker and physical theatre performer. She has performed in a variety of settings throughout the world, including theatres, shopping malls, schools, casinos, event centres, VIP functions, with an orchestra, off a hot air balloon and in the mountains in Nepal.

Hire an already choreographed act, or Pipi-Ayesha can choreograph and design an act or acts specificially to suit your occasion.

Aerial Acts available:

Aerial hoop
Pipi-Ayesha flys in a silver ring peforming feats of strength and grace choreographed to music or story
A metal hoop, which the performer hangs in, around, under. This act is very versatile, and can be performed at a lower height than many others.

Web rope
The performer climbs and twists in the rope, incorporating graceful shapes and dramatic falls. Culminates in a spectacular fast spin, high in the air. (Please note: a ‘web spinner’ also has to be hired for this act).

Sometimes describes as ‘aerial ballet’, the performer climbs two strands of fabric, dancing suspended in the air.

Static Trapeze / dance trapeze
The performer climbs on and around a static trapeze. This can be rigged off a single point, allowing greater movement of the trapeze and the performer.

Aerial Net
A mermaid is caught in a net, suspended high above the audience. Will she escape? A lovely fantasy piece.

Stilts aerials
A combination of stilts and aerials. Extra long legs, up high in the air!

Standard aerial acts are 4-10 mins long. These are all high-impact and spectacular.
A number of acts can be performed at a single occasion

Pipi-Ayesha also creates installation style aerial acts that provide an atmosphere. These are up to 45 mins long, and can be repeated throughout an evening.

Aerial acts can be performed in a range of locations – from a point as low as 2.5 metres high.

Towering over the crowd, on her 1 metre stilts, Pipi-Ayesha has a number of stilt characters, suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

Roving stilts: roving for 30-45 mins at a time, longer for parades (depending on the parade length). This can be repeated throughout the event.

Ideal for: spectacular entertainment for corporate function, private party, wedding, community parade, community event, festival

Dear Pete,
Brilliant, just brilliant! Thank you.
The performer was a consummate professional and a total talent.
Ngā mihi,
Jane Nye
Wedding and Event Coordinator
Old St Paul's

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