Murder mysteries are an unforgettable, entertaining experience that you and your guests will love.

Deliverd live in-person and online. All of the events below are available in person.  Some are available online.

All murder mystery games are portable and can be done in virtually any private space.

They can be presented alongside a meal or as a standalone event

There are two styles of murder mystery:

You become witness to a murder and soon find yourselves interviewing suspects, sorting through evidence and sifting the lies from the truth to try to work out which of the suspects is the murderer. Presented by a team of 5-6 seasoned professional actors. There are a selection of themes and genres to choose from. 

You provide the suspects and one of them is the murderer! Murder Mystery currently offer two 'You-dunnit' murder mysteries, The Inside Job (maximum of 20 people) and An Event to Die For (maximum of 50). These murder mysteries are hosted by two actors.

Who-dunnit themes:

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Taking Out Big Tony | 1920s gangster theme
So Long Jake Dusty | Classic Western theme
Who Killed Bill Snitch? | Modern day hoax theme
That Creepy House | Halloween horror theme
The Final Whistle | Sports theme
Santa’s been Slain!? | Christmas theme
Boiling Point | Contemporary cuisine theme
Staying Alive | 1970s disco theme
Dead Man’s Chest | Piracy theme
A Mountain of Murder | Winter alpine skiing theme
Lucky’s Diamond | Birthday or milestone celebration

Taking Out Big Tony | 1920s gangster theme

Step into the roaring Twenties, the era of carefree living, Jazz, the
Prohibition and the infamous mafia! Big Tony, a much-feared mafia boss,
is expanding his operation but not all is well inside Tony’s inner circle. Your
evening takes a dark murderous turn when one of his gang sees fit to take
Big Tony out for good. You must investigate who has bloody eyes on
taking over his empire. 
Pair this event with a full-blown casino night with trained croupiers.

So Long Jake Dusty | Classic Western theme

A murderous night with all the trappings of a classic Western. When
mayor Jake Dusty announces the new sheriff, a shot rings out and Jake
lies dead before the bewildered crowd. ‘Turns out them townsfolk have
many bugbears and are not too sorry to see the back of Jake. The new
sheriff enlists your help to rein in the guilty rotter and put them safely
behind bars. 
Pair this event with the wild west casino called Gold Rush.

Who Killed Bill Snitch? | Modern day hoax theme

You’ve booked Bill Snitch as your keynote speaker to address staff on an
important topic relevant to your industry. Bill is the hottest gig on the
speaking circuit right now. But part way through his speech, Bill keels
over and dies before your very eyes. You must uncover the murderous
plot to reveal Bill’s unlikely killer. 

That Creepy House | Halloween horror theme

As you arrive at Creepy Manor, you notice that things aren’t quite right.
Your host, The Master (an oddball if ever you met one), drops hints that
this party may be his last. So when the Master retires and doesn’t come
back, you aren’t at all surprised to find that he is permanently out of the
picture. But what does surprise you is that his staff all seem to be happy
with his demise and all want to claim credit for his death!

The Final Whistle | Sports theme*

Jeff Devine is the up and coming star in the world of professional
refereeing. For years he’s run the field, controlling sports from juniors, club
games and recently international matches – a hotly contested position that
only few succeed in. Add his super-model looks, charismatic personality,
public speaking prowess and squeaky clean image and you have a person
adored by many...but not all. 
* Can be adapted to any sport of your choice

Santa’s been Slain!? | Christmas theme

You have secured Santa as your celebrity guest speaker to share his
insights about the trials and tribulations of running the global enterprise
of Christmas! When Santa is discovered dead, each of the Elves has a
motive for murder but an alibi as solid as a well-wrapped present! In
order to find out who killed Santa, you will visit the crime scene, interview
and question the suspects and present your verdict. 

Boiling Point | Contemporary cuisine theme

Your host Jonty Dough has returned from Europe to open a new catering
business ‘Food to Die For’. Jonty is determined to make this new venture a
success, but from the moment you arrive, an intricate web of lies and
deceit begins to unravel. The waiter, the kitchen hand and the chefs are all
involved in a deathly web of suspected money laundering, theft,
embezzlement, jealousy, frustration, unrequited love and extreme
incompetence and the result for Jonty is...a deadly recipe for disaster.

Staying Alive | 1970s disco theme

It’s 1977 and two contestants have reached the final of the world’s
premiere talent show “Staying Alive”. The final two have both
managed to somehow stay alive in the competition and now they are
dying to win it! Settle into your seats and be amazed and enthralled
at the performances until tensions run too high. The Disco Inferno will
get too hot for someone and a desperate murder takes place.

Dead Man’s Chest | Piracy theme

You’ll be shocked when a group of pirates ambush your function! They
are in party-mood and for good reason–they have just found the muchvaunted Dead Man’s Chest. But when the ship’s captain is shot dead, the
Pirates know that someone in the room is guilty so they decide to carry
out a Pirate’s Court. A deal is brokered with you and your guests – you
must help them to find the murderer in return for your lives!

A Mountain of Murder | Winter alpine skiing theme

Welcome to the world of extreme pro skiing. The Extreme Alpine Ski Club
has an exclusive membership and the doors are rarely opened to
outsiders. Members of the club scale dangerous mountains and ski from
the top. Recently, a highly competitive competition was launched to
become the first skier to scale and ski down the infamous Mount Tower.
The first person to achieve the feat will win $10 million USD! But your
event soon takes a chilling and murderous turn.

Lucky’s Diamond | Birthday or milestone celebration

It’s a party and everyone is there for the big occasion! Everything is going to
plan until some unexpected guests arrive. Charlie Luck, international jewel
thief, is a past associate and tonight you and Charlie are meeting again for
the first time in years. When Charlie gets up to speak, four guests
unexpectedly leave the room. Shortly afterwards, Charlie Luck is lying dead
on the floor. What just happened and who and what was behind it all?

Ideal for: private party, corporate event, dinner function, charity fundraiser, luncheon, cocktail party, themed evening, birthday party, christmas work function, sports club event

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