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Murder Mystery (Auckland) - Interactive Evening - Auckland

Type: Themed Evening

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Welcome to a murder, the scene is set, an amateur sleuth, Femme fatal, jealous wife, business rival and a creepy butler…..only one thing is missing; a corpse
– Set in the 1930’s, guests are encouraged to dress accordingly.
Welcome to a murder... The year is 1930 and you are at the Cottingdale country club. The reason you are here is to see the presentation of Gatters new revolutionary architectural design concept….how ever things are not going to 'plan'.

Lets meet those involved
William Joseph Gatsby - Master Architect
Richard Cornelius Barnshaw - Rival shifty Architect
Sarah Coddington Gatsby - Spiteful Wife of William
Sylvana Natasha Fettuchini - Italian Golf Secretary and a bit of a dish.
Hamilton James Jeffries (Jaffa's) - Bohemian Actor/Magician
Butterworth theButler - Creepy Butler; Need we say more
Something of an odd lot you will agree.

A murder has been committed and it is up to the guests to solve the age old problem of 'Who Dunnit'. There are clue sheets, accusations sheets, odd suspect characters roaming the tables as well as some red herrings...and orange roughies.

This a hilarious fun packed evening spaced between courses with entertainment, song, introductions, a murder, various acted out scenarios, audience participation, question time and improvised comical events. After the main, guests will write down whom they believe the murderer or murderers to be and reasons why. After Desert the winning answer and murder or murders will be revealed…and who will get their just deserts?

The show can be performed during a mealtime or throughout a given time period. It’s a great team building experience too as laughter breaks down all barriers. We come to your venue whether it’s a private home, restaurant or social/service club.
Enjoy a show full of comical events, a great deal of audience participation and a fun time to be had by all… except for the corpse of course!
You'll laugh, you'll cry and'll die! Who knew death could be so much fun?
We have been performing these murder mysteries around the country since 1991 and always with great success!

Be prepared for a good laugh…at the expense of the dead

Come dressed to kill
You never knew death could be so much fun

The show can be performed during meal-time or throughout a given time period.
Also great for fun team building like no other team building you have experienced before…laughter breaks down the barriers.
Murder Mystery will come to your venue; from private homes and restaurants to social and service clubs. Many of the shows characters can be used as meet and greet acts; a great way to start your event.

Ideal for: Interactive Entertainment and Team Building for Auckland corporate function, private party, conference dinner

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