Mike Loder

One of New Zealand's very best stand-up comedians, Mike Loder offers original material, bullet proof delivery and attention to detail that will provide the client a stress free experience.

Selling a message, as an MC, recharging conference goers or for after dinner entertainment Mike’s flexibility has consistently exceeded expectations over one thousand performances in every situation. His several CD releases are uncompromising, but Mike tailors an appropriate set for equally memorable corporate or private functions.

Mike will tailor his presentation to suit your event

Ideal for: corporate function feature, conference message seller, after dinner entertainment,

Technical Information


In all but the most perfect of conditions, with the very smallest of audiences, a microphone and sound system will be required.

A comedian must be heard effortlessly for the audience to stay in the moment with them.

If needed, I can supply quality sound equipment for small to medium sized venues.

I prefer a hand held microphone. If a mic stand is used a simple ‘straight’ stand is preferred– not the ‘boom’ type please.

A fixed podium mic will not be suitable.

I will make myself available for a sound check at a time suitable to the event producer.

Please Note: If a wireless mic is used – new batteries must be installed before my very eyes. No exceptions.

During festivals shows, a system is required to play pre-show and post-show music.


There are no minimum stage requirements for my comedy presentation.

As a general rule, the audience should be seated as close to the performer as possible for best results.

Any ‘Moat’ between a presenter (Be it a speaker or entertainer) and their audience can drain energy and challenge intimacy.

For corporate training, there needs to be a private space where the participants will not be disturbed and where they will feel safe to push their comfort zones.

I would appreciate a small table with plain water on stage.


There are no special lighting requirements. Some low house lights are preferred. This allows me to see and respond to the audience.


I use a wheelchair and will require a suitable ramp to any stage. This is not the clients concern. I will liaise with the venue and / or event manager to arrange for my technical requirements. This is never an issue.

I also enjoy pudding if this is going.

Thanks. I very much look forward to working with you!


Thanks Robyn, all went well and everyone enjoyed his show
Kind Regards
Kirsten Southgate
VISA Global Logistics Ltd
Corporate Christmas Party

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