Jonathon Acorn is ....... a comic, a fool, an entertainer, an actor,a puppeteer.

He's weird, wacky, bizarre, extremely funny, he's a catalyst, a dogalyst, musical, outrageous, challenging and he is FUN!

Acorn's show varies from traditional pantomime pieces to a Proctologist's lecture on Haemorrhoids; from playing the blues harp to Puppetry.

Walkabout Characters are also on Acorn's list; from the worlds ugliest baby to a classic jester, a roving reporter, a traffic director, Scrooge and no walkabout is complete without the classic pirate!

Variety pieces, festival shows, film work, tv work, voice-overs, street festivals and corporate shows are all part of the life of Jonathon Acorn - the 'Itinerant Entertainer'.(Jonathon likes to think that he is based in Auckland, New Zealand, however, in reality he lives in a suitcase! Which of course, is why he is so small!!)

Welcome to the realm of the Fool where nothing is sacred yet all is acknowledged.

Book him .... He's Good!

Introducing the veritable Mr Spike Bones and his best friend Jonathon Acorn

A traditional 'singing / dancing skeleton marrionette' (Bones'y) sings all the classic blues and jazz and rhythm from the 30s to the 60s.

Sinatra, Deano, Howling Wolf, Chuck Berry, The Ink Spots, Little Richard, Lois Prima, Ray Charles just to mention a few.

Perfect for meet and greets, weddings, engagements, trade fairs, festivals, office functions, fund raisers etc.

Jonathon Acorn has been a 'Dolly-Wiggler' for 40 years!


Merry mobile madness!

A magic theatre
A dancing machine
A puppet theatre
A kissing booth

The perfect stroll around act for festivals, fairs, trade exhibitions, museums, fund raisers, theme parks, theatre festivals, puppet festivals, The Jester Booth comes with it's own independent sound system.


A Mobile Miser, with a Major in Malcontent!
Meticulously Masterful in Mesmerising audience Members!
Mirthful Melancholic Madness and Merriment with Music!
A Melodramatic Meander through the Mind of Dickens' Most celebrated Master

Festivals, Malls, Parades, Theatres, Variety...its all "Humbug" to Mr. Scrooge.
Book him now...if you dare!!!!!!!!!!!
Out with Xmas! Away with Xmas!

Ideal for: festival, mall, street parade, fair, trade exhibition, produce launch, private party, fundraiser, charity event, community event

Hi Robyn
Thank you for following up. The performance provided by Jonathon was fantastic - he really made such a special and unique contribution to our wedding day. Many guests commented on how wonderful it was to see such a talented puppeteer at a wedding.
Thanks for all your help,
Jason and Bridget

Hi Robyn
Yes thanks all went well. Thanks for following up
Megan Darrow
Ellerslie Bus Assoc

Hi Robyn
All went well on Sunday.
Bigger and better than ever…. And the weather was kind to us.
Many thanks.
Kind regards
Sally Eustace l Town Centre Manager
Ellerslie Town Centre

Hi Pete,
The acts provided for the Victoria Park Tunnel Walk-Through on Saturday 29 October were very entertaining, charming and overall crowd pleasers.
I was very impressed and I look forward to working with you again for future events.
See photos attached.
Many Thanks and Kind Regards,
Leilana Meredith | Event Facilitator
Auckland City Events Central Region | Arts, Culture & Events

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