John McKenzie is well established as one of New Zealand’s leading MC’s. A corporate events and entertainment background combined with experience in media (including radio & television and sales & marketing) means he is intuitive and fun and can read an audience well. John does his homework and will be very well prepared to deliver key messages.

Well known for his enthusiastic professional style and delivery, he weaves fun images from your business and industry into his MCing! From awards ceremonies to conferences, association and sporting events to tournaments, discover the difference John can make as a professional MC. He is able to get points across with clarity, confidence and conviction and in a relaxed manner that meets your requirements. John ensures your event opening and closing carry impact by working closely with your team for effectiveness and delivery.

His corporate entertainment and acting background means John understands the importance of proper lighting, staging, working with the multi-media production teams, the flow of meals and how the event entertainment must be co-ordinated through a co-operative flexible approach.

As an actor, John can appear as an appropriate 'character' during the event and can sing if required on the evening as well. He can show up beforehand as a waiter or even a delegate, before ending up on stage as your MC. He has a successful track record as a professional corporate presenter with keynote topics that include branding, sales and marketing. John’s company ‘enthuse’ has won NZ Entertainment Company of the year twice and is involved in a variety of event, marketing and media work throughout New Zealand.

John’s passion is motivating others, whether it’s sporting related or via his work at events, conferences and in the media. He gets a real buzz out of seeing others enjoy and challenge themselves.

Ideal for: corporate function, private party, wedding, conference, festival, street event

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