Geoff is an accomplished pianist, singer and actor. He has performed in a number of musical theatre productions around Auckland over the years and written and produced two amateur musical shows.

Born a Yorkshireman Geoff has a wry sense of humour common to this part of England. He loves comedy and sees it as a totally rewarding form of entertainment for both performer and audience.

From his “Book of People's Stories” Geoff's latest venture tell the tales of some rogues and oddball characters. Some pieces are written by himself while others are well known songs from the past with a comedic flavour.

With the credo 'humour withought offence' some of Geoff's pieces may be slightly risque, aimed at a mature audience. The act is suitable for any theatre or venue around New Zealand and will bring a smile or chuckle to everyone!

Below is a snippet from some of Geoff's items.

The Mix 'n' Mingle Show – by Geoff Hemingway
This song is about a 'truly irresistable' factory worker who pits himself against the imagined wiles of the opposite sex every Saturday night at the local Mix 'n' Mingle event.

Have some Madeira M'dear. - by Flanders and Swann
This popular story of seduction and alcohol is about the despoiling of a beautiful young debutante at the hands of a despicable elderly Edwardian 'gentleman'.

Can't Get It Up Anymore! - by Geoff Hemingway
“Why me, why me?” Is the anguished cry to the heavens of a middle aged man who, to his chagrin' discovers that his body no longer responds to the call of his desires.

Oh No! - by Geoff Hemingway
When Grandpa babysits his granddaughter no should mean no right? But as she is just a baby she doesn't speak Grandpa's language . . . so what's a frustrated Poppa to do?

What kind of fool am I.
The story of a “philanderer who philanders once too often and get's his comeuppance from a woman he falls in love with.

Ideal for: amusing comedy entertainment for corporate function, private party, dinner party


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