Gary Brown

Austin Powers is on the rampage! It started when Gary Brown, known for his wonderful impersonations and performance skills used his “pleasure time” dressing up and impersonating this well known character.

From then of his “mojo” went loose and he has performed this role on many occasions. Austin Powers aka Gary is a Man of all Trades. From dance routines, singing those well known 60’s tunes, to enticing the crowd to participate in events and capture the energy around them.

Since creating his character Gary is in demand all over New Zealand, in Australia, Hong Kong and Dubai. The Rugby Sevens world series would not be the same without him!
Why not have Austin Powers attend your event?

We promise an outrageous "shagadelic" time will be had by all!

Gary can perform a 1/2 hour set of song and dance
or just turn up as a celebrity guest
Austin can also act as deejay for the rest of your event if required

The Austin beetle can also be hired with Austin Powers.

Events Austin Powers has attended include:
Sydney Olympics 2000
Sky City Casino Auckland 2000 - 2007
Sky City Movie Preview - GOLDMEMBER 2002
Robbie Williams after Concert Party 2003
NZ World Rugby 7’s, Wellington 2001 - 2016
Dubai World Rugby 7s 2002, 2003, 2010
Hong Kong Rugby 7’s 2006
Twickenham, England World Rugby 7s 2006
Las Vegas Impersonators Convention 2007
Fox Studios/Video Easy – Hamilton Island
Roadshow & Warner Entertainment Function
David Tua Fight
Waikato International Rowing River race
British Lions Tour
Musket Cove – Fiji
Breast Cancer Charity Ball – Hamilton
A1’sGP World series - Taupo
Team NZ farewell- Auckland Viaduct
NZ Masters Games Wanganui
Netball NZ International Test Series
Rally NZ-Propecia Rally NZ
NZ Tour Austin Powers IGT machine
Queenstown Winter Festival
Flood Relief Concert- Palmerston Nth
New Zealand Expo Awards
Mayoress Charity Ball 2012
Fast 5 International Netball series 2012, 2013
Auckland Rugby League 9s 2014,2015,2016

Hi David,
Yes very happy with Gary's show. Thanks for organising him for us. Everyone enjoyed the night.

lint Smith

Hello Pete,
Thank you for the Gary Brown as Austin Powers performance on Saturday night.
He was really great and very entertaining! Everyone had a great time and a lot of laughs. Will definitely recommend to others 😊
Kind regards,
Ana Bluck
Citywide Electrical
Corporate Staff Party

Dear Robyn,
Just a quick email to thank you for putting us in touch with the two acts who performed at my husbands 70th birthday party. 
I was thankful to have found your agency and even more thankful to discover that the service you provide is very prompt, professional & personable. You're our 'go to' company for any future events.  
Gary Brown as Austin Powers raised the roof and really got the party rocking. So true to character it was hard to believe he was an impersonator! His song and dance act had the room instantly up on their feet and dancing up a storm. He was fabulous! 
It was a great night ... a night we're extremely happy to be adding to our store of memories.
Warm regards,
Annie & Chris Sharp

Hi Robyn,
Yes the evening went very well thank you and Gary was brilliant.
He was highly skilled as “Austin” and extremely professional in every way. We would highly recommend him to any function where crowd entertainment was required.
We will keep your company in mind for future events.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Brian Firman
Firmans Marine

He was FANTASTIC!! Great feedback, everyone had a good time.  Wish we were having another function just so we could get Austin along again.
Have certainly lodged your contact details for future events.

Hi and thanks for the email. Gary was a big hit at our mothers 80th birthday. They were quite a conservative bunch and Gary had to work hard to crack a smile from some of the older folk – but smile they did and enjoy we all did! Gary is a great entertainer and all – both young and old - were totally captured by his entertaining abilities. I am especially glad the older folk felt very special that such a celebrity would attend the event (even though he told them who he really was). Gary really is a great entertainer and his no fuss approach brought an element of surprise which made it so much more enjoyable. It really was a pleasure to have worked with Gary that day and especially to see how much our mum and all her friends enjoyed the show. Thank you Gary – you are amazing and a definite highlight of the day. Thank you for bringing fun and great entertainment to our special occasion and for being a genuinely nice guy.
Nadine Hapuku

Hi Robyn and Pete,
Everything when to plan and the entertainment hit the mark. A huge thanks to Gary, Brent and Alan for setting the mood and making the party such a success.
Warwick Aspin
Asure Quality

Gary and dj did a fabulous job thanks... Exactly what I had hoped. They really got the dancing going ..and kept it going
Sue Hornblow 

Great time many thanks
Dave Andrew

Hi Robyn,
Yes thanks it all went well. Our guys take a little while to warm up (and they aren’t very good with their time keeping either) but they had a good time and enjoyed the music/entertainment.
Angela Metford

Gary was an absolute star. Everyone just loved his performance with a great choice of music for this event.
Peter Reutlinger

Thank you ,we had a lot of favourable comments. A great night had by all
Andre Huguet
‘Le Charpentier Ltd’

We would just like to thank Austin Powers so much for his fantastic performance on Saturday night at our daughters 21st. He did a wonderful job and was an excellent DJ as well.

Really got the party going! I have had a lot of positive feedback from friends and family who thought he was a great act.
Many thanks
Diane Schofield.

Thanks so much for everything. Gary was a true professional and a lovely guy.
Your more than welcome to use my comments above for your web site.
Many thanks,
Diane Schofield

Awesome as usual thanks Kellie.
The group of girls were on good form which Made Gary’s job easier!
Many thanks,
Claire Abel.

Hi Kellie
We had a fabulous time and Austin was brilliant, his song and dance act was so entertaining!
Thanks again
Kind regards,
Debbie Dow
Marketing Co-Ordinator
LEGO New Zealand Ltd 

Hi Pete
Thanks for the follow up.
Gary was sensational as Austin Powers and totally uplifted the ADNZ design awards dinner into a first class entertainment event. He seamlessly worked in with our award presentations throughout the night, spontaneously understanding our guests and the style of our event. We were 100% plus impressed by his professionalism. Gary is a great guy as well as a great act and we all enjoyed his company (and the car . . .!). Please pass on our best regards to Gary and we hope for future opportunities to engage his services again.
Kind regards
Gillian Wess
Manager, ADNZ Inc 

Thanks Pete – the function was fantastic and Austin was awesome. Everyone loved his performance and I had good comments for days afterwards – a great success.
Thanks again and please thank Gary for me.
Kind Regards – Rochelle Armstrong
Mitre 10 

Austin Powers was so fantastic and such a great success that I would like to
re - book him for Saturday 20th August, 9.30 - 10.30pm.
He was able to make a grand entrance as he "burst" into the formal dining
room by flinging the doors open.
He was suddenly just there and most of my 15 female guests were shrieking
with delight at the surprise entertainment.
One friend commented that her face was aching from an hour of constant
It was a compliment to Gary to see that even the starchier Ladies loosened
up and of course there were one or two that gave Gary a bit of stick.
I thought the hour went very quickly and it certainly made my first Girls
Night In a great success.
Claire Abel (Girls night Out)

Thanks Pete, Gary was absolutely fantastic, really really enjoyed it and the boys were very impressed with Felicity. May need to book him again next year!
Sheryll Carey
Practice Manager
Morgan Coakle
(Austin and Felicity)

Best ever event held in the Waikato. Also told best ever event they had ever been to from moneyed types who have traveled the globe. Thanks to your acts the night was beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Punters just blown away.
Gary was the greatest. On time sound checked , offering to go over and above what he could have done. Feed back is out of 101 or so performers he took out the gold medal.
Its was an amazing event. Hard to put into words. Only to say those here, top Sky people from Auckland. Heads from Fontera, Gal agars. All the top on Waikato Uni.Folk who have seen all in their travel said it was the best thing they had ever been to. ******** want to buy the complete package from and I quote. " That end of the building to that end " for a function for there.
So a lot of that going on. I'm pretty dam happy. Around 600 here. Next years will sell out over night. Thanks to Gary, Zeatles, and your effort the Thames London room went off all night.
Thanks MK (Mike Knapp - Waikato University events centre
Oxford rowing race event 

Hi Pete
thank you for your follow up email. it seems that alot of people really enjoyed Gary Brown. I have only had alot of awesome feedback from people who really felt that Gary did an excellent job.
thank you very much, and thanks to Gary also.
have a fantastic Christmas!
Ag Research 

Once again the feedback is Event of the Year. We had over 1000 quests in the venue. It went off. This year was easier to sell the event based due to last years success. Gary now has the event down pat. He does all the thinking for me. Knows when and how to make a grand entrance. He completely rocked the Thames room. Plus he turns up in all the other river rooms to add to the party. Cant say enough. Absolute profession at the top of his game.
You work for ten months planning on white boards an event like this. Hundreds of hours go into this night. I had a smile from here to there on the night as the Creative Director. I have placed a lot of pressure now to go even better next year. Without his attention I want to re book Gary's return now. I don't have a date yet but assume its the Saturday around Sept ### Me thinks it will be with some of his friends. Will keep an eye on your other acts as I get the event concept under way.
Thanks Peter for the follow-up last week. As it turned out it was my end under pressure while your acts were completely on the case.
Cheers and see you soon.
Hamilton Events Centre Cambridge/Oxford boat race

He was great except he only did the half hour show not the first half hour of mingling??
Nicola Connor

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