Join Basil, Sybil and Manuel for an evening of side splitting comedy.

The Fawlty Towers Dinner show is performed with true Python passion, it’s as good as it gets; this is the most outrageous, hilarious Fawlty Towers Dinner Theatre show ever to be performed in NZ or for that matter the world!

The show is performed to a storyline with beginning, middle and a very satisfying suspenseful ending the evening normally starting with meet & greets.
Your hosts for the evening; the “manic, misanthrope” Basil Fawlty and his “languid little nest of vipers” Sybil (his wife), along with their “lovable, confused and tormented” Spanish waiter Manuel who will go above and beyond the call of duty to guarantee guests will be treated to a whirl wind evening of classical Fawlty Towers comedy. The show has played out scenarios full of entertaining confusion, chaotic hilarity and audience participation. For those naughty boys and girls amongst their guests? Well, of course! They’ll be sent to the sin bin where they will be required to perform specially thought out forfeits.

The main scenario is….
Basil has just come back from a Hotel management course, and you’re all guinea pigs. Be prepared for an over the top night with Sibyls nagging, Basil’s manic rants and Manual for ever getting things wrong. Done with true python passion this is truly New Zealand’s most over the top Faulty Towers show.

This is New Zealand’s Best Faulty Towers and has been performed through out the country since 1992.

Have a go at bashing Manuel. . .it’s fun and therapeutic!


HO, HO it’s that time of year; before you know it Christmas will be here!
And you know what that means?
It‘s Party time!!!
Want a Christmas party full of Christmas cheer, hilarious fun and laughter?
Then the all new Fawlty Towers “CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA” is the show for you!
The Fawlty Towers crew have been busy little Santa’s Helpers, creating a fully themed end of year Christmas Dinner Show. They promise to rock your Christmas stockings off with a show full of Fawlty Towers surprises, Christmas songs and interactive acts, guaranteeing you a jolly good memorable end of year Christmas Party.

The show is run over the course of a meal time and doesn’t require a stage
If full on laughter is what you want; here it is!

The Fawlty Towers crew are also great as a meet and greet at conferences and events, or just to rove about and rev up the guests.

Ideal for: feature entertainment for corporate function, private party, conference dinner, charity fund raiser

Hi Robyn,
A hugely successful event with 120 attending the night.
It was very well received, a little controversial and everything we asked for so congrat’s to the team for making the night what it was.
Grant Nicholas
Clubhouse Manager
Remuera Golf Club

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