ConArtists was established in 1987 and has entertained over a million New Zealanders! They average five corporate events a week and are standout performers, facilitators and entertainers at conferences around New Zealand and Australia. They can tailor entertainment, training and facilitation for any conference big or small, and also supply coaches for team building events. ConArtists will custom design entertainment for any event.

Ideal for: comedy feature for conference or corporate event, theming for event, interactive theming, team building

This show is 45-60 minutes and comprises a mixture of skits, songs, poems and interactive games, all totally improvised. 2-3 professional actors use suggestions from the audience together with information obtained in advance about the group attending the function, their business and some of its ‘personalities’. This show needs no special staging so can be performed anywhere – however for larger venues and audiences, microphones are required.

This runs throughout the evening lasting approximately 2 hours.  2 actors, as characters of your choice, meet and greet guests as they arrive, mingle while they enjoy drinks and then help seat them for dinner. During the meal they conduct a little table fun and then conclude the evening with a 20-minute show as described above.

Lot’s of formats which can be performed at a number of venues “MARRIED TO THE MOB” The Linguini Family is desperate for their eldest grandchild, to get married. Only problem is every time they get to the alter, the fiancé gets whacked. By the end of the night some lucky person will say, “I do”. Capiche? Dress up in your Mafia best, prizes awarded. Tony, the wedding singer, is an additional entertainment option.

Was it Miss Scarlet in the living room with the revolver? Dress up and play your part in our murderous evening. When Studly Body is mysteriously killed, the guests begin their own investigation. Suddenly, the bridge is swept away and all are trapped, uppermost on everyone’s mind is, “Who will be killed next?” A great evening of entertaining team building.

“The Da Vinci Code”
Oh la, la the Mona is missing! The diners begin a whirlwind journey to recover her that takes them from Paris to Rome and finally to Scotland. On the way they must break a code with clues found in the paintings, do a bit of sculpting and test their general knowledge of Scotland…

…plus many more


The Olympic experience - Why go all the way to Beijing when you can hold your own Olympics here in NZ? Your company can participate in their own Team-Building Olympics event and feel a part of "the games". Two Olympic officials will host your event from start to medal winning finish. The group is put into fictitious countries, given their bogus passports. They prepare a national anthem and create a flag for the Opening Ceremonies. Let the Games begin. Teams compete in events to win points for their countries honor and the coveted chocolate medals.

The Da Vinci Inspiration - Inspire creativity in this team building workshop with a difference. Meet Leonardo da Vinci who will lead your team to produce an artwork reflecting your companies future visions. Great for conferences or a stand alone team building activity. "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do" - da Vinci.

Amazing Race, Trivia Races, Quiz nights, etc -ConArtists have customised options for any group size ranging from 10-250, talk to a Creative Director about what’s best for your group.

With 20 years in the business they’ve created over a thousand different ideas, listing them all is impossible.

Hi Pete
Thanks for follow-up, Geoff and the team did a great job, great fun and our team interacted and got the most of it.  Geoff in particular did a great job keeping it all moving and being entertaining throughout
Will definitely keep you in mind for future events
Kind Regards
Rod Bell, ONZM
Chief Executive Officer
Outstanding Youth Champion – NZ Youth Awards
Blue Light Ventures Inc
Staff Xmas Event
Hampton Downs

Yes …. Robert was absolutely fantastic!!  Couldn’t have wished for better …. And a brilliant communicator.  He really pulled the whole evening together - a clever talented man!  Regards - Nettie
70th Birthday
Paris Butter

Hi Robyn,
Our entertainment was fabulous thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!
Paula Barratt
Preferred New Zealand

Excellent. He features on Facebook.
Simon Perry
Perry Industries
(Geoff from ConArtists did a birthday telegram for Simon's wife)

HI Pete,
The conference weekend is now over and things have returned to normal. I am pleased to report that both the Con Artists and Candy Lane Dancers were much more than satisfactory. The evening was a great success, largely due to the way Clare performed the duties of MC and the atmosphere created as the Con Artists mixed and mingled with the guests. They provided hilarity where ever they were and the skit they performed was topical, clever and funny.
The Candy Lane Dancers were an excellent contrast and their routines were executed with skill and professionalism. I think most of the room felt some degree of envy as they danced their way round the stage. (our photographer certainly had more photos of them than any other group from the entire conference).
On a personal note, as the person responsible for Saturday evening, it was a pleasure to work with both groups and at no time did I feel anxious or that proceedings could turn to custard. We have had much feedback from the Rotarians who attended and there has not been a single word of criticism or disappointment from anyone. We have been asked numerous times about who the the Con Artists were so I have passed your name onto them for future reference. The Candy Lane Dancers are well known and reinforced their well deserved reputation for spectacle and excellence.
Thanks Pete for your work in booking the two groups and should I need to provide entertainment at any time in the future I would contact you for assistance.
Regards, Julie Starnes
Rotary Conference

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