Brilleaux is a high-energy, hard driving, British-style rhythm and blues band from New Zealand in the style of bands such as Dr Feelgood, Wilko Johnson, and Nine Below Zero, and in a similar vein to earlier exponents of the genre such as The Yardbirds, Early Rolling Stones, and Johnny Kid and the Pirates.

Brilleaux currently have 6 albums to their credit.
A typical set by Brilleaux consists of a mixture of British R&B Classics and exciting original material that these masters of Rhythm and Blues have been performing at festivals around the country since 1999.

There is nobody in New Zealand playing Rhythm and Blues like these guys!
It is unique, refreshing and extremely lively. If you are looking for slow, cruisey, renditions of old blues classics then you have got the wrong band! These guys go from 0-100 mph in the first set!

Brilleaux have proven themselves to be a very welcome and fresh addition to all the festivals throughout New Zealand as their musical sound and style is very different to the usual Texas, Chicago or traditional style American variations of the genre.

Brilleaux are a highly visual and exciting band to see live, and deliver an energetic show guaranteed to be one of the more memorable acts of any festival.

Ladies and gentlemen, Stack the chairs, and clear the dancefloor - Welcome to the Brilleaux Show - Maximum R&B.

Ideal for: outdoor festival, concert, food and wine festival, private party, (Brilleaux do not do weddings sorry!)

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