Bare Essentials is a sought-after, Dunedin-based trio with a wealth of national and international experience.

William Davidson and John Meddings have played together on various projects over several decades, while also individually pursuing other recording, backing and touring opportunities.
Annemarie Nelson has an impressive musical history that includes a recently-released album.

Collectively, Bare Essentials performs an eclectic mix of well-known and not-so-well-known tunes, all arranged to make the most of the band's talents as they impress and entertain their audiences.

The blend of the three gifted individuals is magical; the end result showcasing stunning vocals, polished guitar and keyboard performances, supported by percussion and tight vocal harmonies.

Ideal for: corporate event, charity function, community event, private party

Hi David
OMG they were perfect for our event – absolutely 200% happy!!! Everyone loved them.  
Thank you so much for recommending the trio.
Rachael van Eunen
Cocktail Gala
Escea Fireplace Company, Green Island, Dunedin

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