Free Lunch is a company of performance artists who have been taking their bizarre characters to the streets, parks and conference centres of New Zealand since the mid 1980's.

Based in Hamilton, they also travel to other centres to perform.

Choose from:
Human Monuments - Still for long periods of time, although they can in many situations cover a lot of ground throughout the course of the performance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor (weather permitting, paint not running!). Human monuments provide a real sense of ornament as well as intrigue.
1920’s Flapper Girl – Fresh from the decadence of the 1920s Flapper Girl brings a slightly naughty sophistication and style to your event.
Angel – From the hands of master craftsman Rossellino and plucked straight from the walls of Reims Cathedral, this statue brings a divine presence to any occasion (harp not included)
Cupid – Pretty winged and white, this mischievous creature stalks the crowd in the name of love.
King Midas - Everything he touches turns to gold, especially Himself. With lordly pomp and slapstick quick-witted humour this regal monument strolls about his vast estates rewarding the virtuous and allowing the peasants to kiss his rings.
Pioneer Woman - She is a page straight of New Zealand's Early Settler history, artfully painted to closely resemble antiqued copper she is the performer most likely to be mistaken for a real statue.
Mermaid – A beautiful fish out of water, straight from romantic legends, the mermaid on her rock will add colour to any event.
The Captain - The Captain (from the mid 18th Century) has disembarked from his Schooner and is hoping to meet the locals to further his exploration.

Free Lunch have a wonderful selection of wonderland characters.
The Red Queen
The Chess Piece from Through the Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland) – not to be confused with the Queen of Hearts!

Ideal for: feature for corporate function, private party, parades, outdoor events, street parade, school gala,

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