Since 1996, Kim has entertained more than a Million people in 15 countries, with his one-of-a-kind, character based, solo comedy circus shows. His award winning shows have appeared at some of the largest and most respected festivals in the world.

These constantly evolving shows meld circus with slapstick, live looping gadgetry with old school rock’n’roll, and promise a fresh festival experience for all ages.

Specialising in compelling, highly skilled circus shows for all ages, Kim has successfully dealt with most entertainment environments, from product launches, trade shows and promotions to conferences and corporate functions.

Show length: 15 - 45 minutes (As required)

The classic escape routine made famous by Harry Houdini, this is a very physical, slapstick & verbal comedy combination. Easily tailored to suit your audience, the routine can be kept totally family friendly, or can include gentle inuendo for a more adult environment.

Using a volunteer to strap Kim in, and time the 3 minute escape the combination of improvised audience participation and the 3 minute deadline provides the "will he actually get out" tension, with plenty of time to present a cascade of jokes and pratfalls.

The escape can also be themed and presented as a metaphor for your company / conference's message.

For example....
"Escaping the bonds"
"Breaking free with creativity"
"The journey to freedom"

ideal for: fair or streetfest, product release, gala, charity event (Kim does not do kids parties)

Show length: As required

Benefit from Kim’s experience in focusing attention, building camaraderie, and insuring a memorable event, as he presents awards, introduces speakers, makes housekeeping announcements... all with natural grace and humour.

Kim brings with him a smorgasbord of skills, and performs short routines as required, to keep your meetings moving and on time.

You know your program will flow smoothly, even in case of technical issues, Kim will be ready to step in and seamlessly rescue any unexpected interruptions, keeping the presentation fresh, vibrant and engaging.

The Power To Change Your Mind

- A BEAUTIFULLY STUPID HOAX MOTIVATIONAL TALK -The Power To Change Your Mind is a comedy hoax motivational talk by faux-genius and guru of nothing, Vinyl Burns."...deliciously malevolent intent... You’d hardly do better than Burns..."- Theatreview Chock full of ridiculous twists on the familiar motivational clichés and rich layers of absurd analogies and recursive metaphor, peppered with nuggets of unexpected philosophical whimsy.

A fun, refreshing and complimentary addition to a ‘serious’ speaking lineup, or as a uniquely memorable after dinner speaker.

Winner: Best Script
Nominated: Best Solo Performer Nominated: Best Comic"...a hyper-dense collection of wisdom and hiding-in-plain-sight solutions to problems you barely knew you had. Consider this an investment for the future." - Stuff

Duration: 10 to 30 minutes as desired.

Ideal for: Entertainer & guest speaker for corporate functions, charity galas, product launches, private parties, weddings, conference dinners, awards events.

Kia ora Pete
Our event was fantastic - Kim was fabulous!
Thanks so much and have a great Christmas.
Warm regards
Lisa Cross
Ako Nui Team Leader
Silverstream School
Staff Christmas Party

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