Callum is a 22 year old close-up and street magician based in Christchurch, New Zealand. As consequence of his degree in biology and psychology at the University of Canterbury, Callum's two worlds are two sides of the same coin;
By day, he studies the protocols our brain uses to construct reality.
By night, he devises how to hack them and create the impossible.

Callum fuses his knowledge of human perception and physiology with a sense of charisma and confidence to deliver a magical experience unlike any other. Whether performing for children, teenagers, adults, or even across cultures or language barriers, Callum presents a style of magic that is adaptable, yet consistently unique and fresh. There are no corny stories, cliché magic props or bad jokes; only raw, powerful, and visual magic.

Close Up magic

Close-up magic is exactly what you'd expect; magic performed up close. This is Callum's favourite and most performed type of magic; the type of magic modernly popularized by magicians such as Dynamo, David Blaine and Criss Angel.

The beauty of close-up magic lies in its intimacy - there is no smoke-and-mirrors, no trap doors; the magic happens inexplicably before your very eyes and in your hands. The integration of a personal connection with each spectator combined with powerful magic means that the kind of performances Callum gives are anecdotes of the future.

If you want captivating, approachable and natural entertainment for your event - you want Callum.

Hackmagic does not do Children's parties


Ideal for: private party, corporate function, product launch, community event

Hi Pete
Yes, they were great thanks – we will definitely remember you for our next event
Thanks again
Jo Cox
Hilti NZ Ltd
Corporate Dinner
Mona Vale

Hi Robyn
Yes great having Callum as our entertainer.
Leonie Wellesley 

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