Colombian born and bred Jair Ramirez winner of the 'Circus Maximus Judges Award (London UK 2015)' studied circus for 6 years in Colombia before hitting the world stage and has since performed non stop around the globe, his performance was described as highlights from Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 by BBC.

Jair can perform solo or with his wife Jessica.

Act 1 - Double aerial Straps / Silks
Jair and Jessica performed this act at the ‘Mobos’ Awards in 2015 in Leeds UK for 13,000 audience and streamed on TV for 8,000,000, it was specially choreographed for music producer Naughty Boy.
Also they have performed this act at Splore festival in Auckland NZ
This Act is specially for corporate events and festivals where production has a motor winch or counterweight system (to lift Jair and Jessica up and down)
This act should be presented in a main show (not as a background act)

Act 2 - Aerial solo Straps
Jair performed this act in a UK competition Circus Maximus 2015 and was winner of the Judge’s Prize.
Also performed at Edinburg fringe festival (where it was described as one of the highlights by BBC) and at many corporate and gala shows.
It can be performed in a grand scale (with a winch system to go up and down) or can fit into small venues
This act is best presented as part of a main show.

Act 3 - Handstand
Jair has performed this act in various corporate and variety shows.
It is an extremely easy set up and fits pretty much everywhere.
This is presented as a main show but can be performed as a background act too.

Act 4 - Acrobalance
Jair and Jessica have performed this act at weddings, corporate events, variety shows and festivals, it fits everywhere and Audiences love the simple concept
This is presented as a main show but can be performed as a background act.

Act 5- Silks by Jessica Ramirez
Jessica has performed this act onboard Cruise ships, corporate events, weddings and variety shows. Jessica can also offer the freestanding aerial rig if necessary.
This is presented as a main show but can be performed as a background act.

Act 6 - Juggling - 4 mins

Ideal for: corporate function, private party, wedding, festival, conference, awards show, gala dinner

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