Rick Sahar is a professional entertainer who brings skills and talent honed from 1,000's of shows performed from Invercargill to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, PNG and Waipukurau (and points in between and not-so-in-between). Rick is not only available in the shows and characters he has developed but also as an event M.C. and / or Guest Speaker that draws on his unique life history and success as an entertainer.

Rick was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1954 to Jewish Holocaust survivors. Immersed in Jewish culture and humour, Rick started performing at an early age, encouraged by his parents to sing for their guests. Making his first stage appearance at the tender age of 6 as the owl in the school play, Rick was inspired by the rapturous applause and delirious response to his "hooo hooooo" and knew even back then he had a greater purpose to fulfill during this reincarnation - well, maybe not in those exact words...

When he was 16 years old, Rick followed his idealogical beliefs, leaving home to live on a Kibbutz (a co-operative farm) in Israel, where he remained for 11 years, serving also during that time in the Israeli Army.

Amateur and community theatre followed Rick throughout this life. Soon after his arrival in New Zealand in 1982, Rick realized his childhood dream to become a professional entertainer - after all, since people laughed at him anyway, he should be able to make some money from it.

Not unlike the comedian Woody Allen, Rick is also American, Jewish, wears glasses and is balding and going through analysis. "I have everything going for me!" Rick said to himself. At the tender age of 30, Rick turned professional and has never looked back.

Rick Sahar, now at the tender age of 53, is available to enhance your special event as the MC or Guest Speaker with his unique flair, humour and organizational skills drawing upon his life's experience that can be told in an entertaining and meaningful way to suit your event.

in 2011 Rick was awarded the prestigious Variety Artists Club of NZ Variety Artist of the year award

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