Keep your event interactive and fun, with the highly visible and community minded Fun Police on the beat.

Regular patrols of your event site in full uniform and riding the very latest in standard issue, eco-friendly & futuristic electric unicycle.

Stopping anyone suspected of not having enough fun, and issuing random spot checks.

Asking key fun-safety questions

Are you having enough fun
How much fun have you had
Can you blow into this balloon
Can you blow a raspberry
Can you blow on this pie. (it's nearly my lunchtime and it's too hot to eat)

The Fun police ride the Ninebot (Segway) electric unicycle, wear classic California Highway Patrol motorcycle uniform, and are powered by sound effects and theme music from the TV show CHiPs.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor events.

Best suited to larger sites, but easily adjusted to fit smaller indoor spaces.

Ideal for: roving entertainment for corporate function, private party, festival, outdoor event

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