Ian Blaine – Comedy Stage Hypnotist – has been entertaining audiences throughout New Zealand and Australia for 16 years, using his talent for hypnotising people and making them laugh, for well over 200 shows. He incorporates intriguing magic, mysterious hypnotism, powerful mind control, mentalism and hilarious comedy to have the crowd in stitches of laughter which they will talk about for a long time after seeing the show.

The Stage Hypnosis Show is only limited to the volunteer’s own individual untapped imagination, which is unlocked with hypnosis, taking the stars of the show to a heightened awareness of the imagination to the point that it becomes their complete reality.

Ian is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, with an extensive knowledge of the capabilities of the mind, and can talk about this, which is very educational for Corporate Events and team building events.

Ian currently offers a two hour show for fun and fundraising, for your school, business, club, university or party. This can be for an all age’s audience (PG show) or adult’s only (R18 show).

Ian is available throughout New Zealand.

Ideal for: corporate event, charity function, community event, private party

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