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Outdoor Battery Operated Sound System Hire - Auckland

Type: Sound System Hire

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Yamaha Outdoor Stereo Battery Operated Sound System

Ideal when vocalist or small band requires amplification as well as the celebrant.
How often do you go to a wedding, especially an outdoor one, and find that only the people closest to the couple / celebrant can hear what is going on? We as musicians see this often and it seems such a tragedy that the most important part of the wedding couples day is unheard by most of the guests.
Solve the problem. PME will hire you a small very portable sound system for your wedding service.
comprising a small 100 watt stereo 4 channel Yamaha amplifier/speaker combo, and a cordless microphone on a stand

WS system 1: 100 watt stereo 4 channel Yamaha amplifier/speaker combo, a cordless microphone on a stand, 500w inverter and battery system to provide battery power for services where no power is available, includes a connecting cable for your Ipod

Optional extras
up to 3 wired mics

It is best for this system to be overseen by one of our operators certainly best to be set up by us - PME will deliver to your wedding venue (greater Auckland only), set the system up, operate the system during your event and pack down after service or in some instances we will just set it up and let you use it and then call back to pick it up later

Hi Pete,
The sound system worked well and service was great,
Thanks very much,
Ross Wakefield
Battery powered system

Hi Pete,
I just realised I very rudely never responded to your follow up email below.
Yes, the performance went well - in what was perhaps the worst of circumstances weather wise. But the sound system worked a treat, thank you. Apologies for the bits of mud on some of the cables - we unfortunately didn't have anything to wipe them down with after the gig.
Kirsty Singleton

Hi Pete
Very happy with the Jay and his service last saturday please say big thank you to jay on behalf of me.
Thank You Very much have a nice day
Max Fernando
(outdoor system)

Thanks Pete,
We had such a great day and really appreciated your set up. It was great to be able to relax and know that a professional was there to take control and ensure everything went smoothly! Which it did!! It was worth having the system there to make sure that all of our guests got to hear the ceremony. It was a very windy day but with the sound system all of our guests were still able to hear everything. Perfect!!
You are welcome to use this as a recommendation.
Thanks again,
Monique and Chris

Hi Kellie,
Another successful Mitre 10 MEGA ‘Ladies Night’ promotion for ADMAN products in the hands of Derek the Chef. Equipment and service top notch thank you.
Kind Regards,
Adrian Old. 

Hi pete,
Yep,cheers for everyhting,it all went very smoothly,in no small way thanks to you and your kit.
Thanks again
adam Laschinger (pme battery powered system)

Hi Kellie
Sound system was great.
Thanks also for your friendly and helpful attitude. When making plans for a
wedding it really makes a huge difference when people do just that little
bit extra to help you along. Both you and Pete have been fantastic and I
will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family in the future.
Cheers Bevan Lange

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