Trixie The Fairy

Delightful entertainment for the kids - Walkabouts, Magic, Balloons

Trixie has 2 shows to choose from - basically both consist of puppets and magic tricks.

The pre-school 'Nursery Rhyme Show' is ideal for under 5's. The children get to meet and interact with a number of puppets from Nursery Rhyme Land and sing along to their favourite songs.

The second show is aimed at 4-7yr olds and is quite structured. The puppet show is based on the children's book 'The Itchy Witch'. Both shows use the same magic tricks.
Trixie makes the birthday child a fairy wand and crown out of balloons.
She will generally make animal balloons for the guests if there are under 20 children.
If there are more than this then Trixie is still happy to make balloons but will shorten the show as it will be more time consuming.

Be entertained by Trixie the Fairy and a cast of colourful characters direct from Nursery Rhyme Land for a fun filled fifty minutes of songs, stories, puppetry and magic tricks. This show was devised specifically for a pre-school audience. Extremely interactive and visually exciting, it is ideal entertainment for kindergartens, birthday parties, play groups, family days…anywhere there is a young audience.

We love the show Robyn, thank you
Mel Zhu
Hand and Hand
Children's Learning Centre Function

Thanks Robyn Trixie was very good. The audience around 160 people thoroughly enjoyed Her performance.

I used Trixie for my own grand daughters 5th birthday last year
Trixie was great
there was about 15 kids aged 2 - 7ish, who gathered round Trixie and watched her avidly for 1.5 hours. Each time she completed a story or segment of her act they moved closer - fascinating to watch!
Very warm and natural but in control. And all the Kids got a balloon sculpture
And surprising how many adults watched as well - fun for all and I thoroughly recommend Trixie for this type of event.
Pete McGregor

Hello Kellie...
Thank you!
Trixie the Fairy was out of this World!! Her costume was just so gorgeous, I wanted to get one! I loved her pram too, but most of all, my wee poppet just adored her, along with all the other children.

Trixie managed to entertain Alexandrina for the full hour, along with the other children. It is very hard to entertain 3 year olds for that given time. Again, this just shows that she is outstanding. Her little shows that Trixie performed on the children were just so entertaining for them, and alexandrina just loved to dance and perform along with Trixie.... She is the most amazing Fairy, you will ever get... In fact, I gave the Fairy Shop your details, and passed on the high recommendation..... I also, thanked Trixie directly on the phone, and I have absolutely no hesitation in giving a reference...
Kellie, thank you for your efficiency.....
Warm Regards
Kirsty McCarrison

They were all perfect, big thanks to everyone…
Sherin Peace

Hi Kellie
Yes, we had a splendid day. The weather turned out to be better than I could ever had imagined, the parade went to plan and all the performers did a great job. Well done to your entertainers, couldn't have done it without them!
Thanks very much
Jan Pitout
Street Event 

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