Richard Webster has been entertaining audiences since 1971. He has worked as a children’s entertainer, magician, psychic entertainer, pianist and close-up and walkaround entertainer.

Richard currently offers a one hour comedy mentalism show and walkaround roving entertainment.

His current act is walkaround entertainment anywhere groups of people gather. He offers the people in each group a lucky charm, a quick reading, a psychic experiment, a magic trick, or a joke. The readings are the most popular of these, and he gives them a choice of psychometry, palmistry, numerology, the Tarot, dice reading, or tree reading. The length of the readings depends on the size of the audience. For large groups, Richard can do group palm readings where everyone in the group reads their own palms.
At some events he can sit at a table and give everyone a three to five-minute reading. This is suitable for small groups as it is impossible to read more that ten or twelve people an hour with walkaround.

Richard can entertain a hundred or more people in an hour.

Ideal for: corporate function, awards dinner, convention, conference

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