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Reg Blackwood - Quick Hypnotist - Christchurch

Type: Comedy Hypnotist

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Reg Blackwood The Quicknotist is perhaps best known to New Zealanders for hypnotising teens in his regular weekly segment on The 4.30 Show on TV2.
His unique brand of Rapid Hypnosis has earned him an international reputation, not only as one of the world's fastest Hypnotists, but also as one of the most caring, most ethical and safest.
As well as his hilarious, dynamic, hypnotic stage show, which cuts to the action a lot quicker than most, he also performs as a roving act, has demonstrated his expertise many times on TV and Radio
and is in constant demand as a hypnosis writer and trainer.
New Zealand's only Street Hypnotist is rarely tied down by the usual strict venue and audience requirements stipulated by many Hypnotists and will happily customise the music and routines in his act to suit any theme you choose. Family-friendly if required.
His rapid fire hypnosis methods also make him suitable for surprise guest appearances at conferences and parties, where his status as a Hypnotist need not be revealed to those in attendance, until one by one they fall under his spell.
If required, he is also available as an MC, comedian or as the magician known as "Cozener" where he performs some astonishing psychological illusions. Feats of mindreading, manipulation and prediction which will leave you wondering whether he's hypnotised the whole room.
A unique combination of actor, MC, comedian, magician and Certified Hypnotist which guarantees an engaging, interesting and entertaining performance every time With over 20 of experience as an MC, Hypnotist, comedian, magician, actor and writer, it would be nice to say he's unforgettable.
The truth is, let him into your head and you might not remember meeting him!

Ideal for:unique entertainment private party, corporate event, product launch, festival, street carnival


Every show is different, because there are unique personalities every single time.

A typical show is structured something like this:
Lots of audience participation, comedy, demonstrations of the power of suggestion and even a little mind-reading.

Those who want to volunteer join Reg on stage to be hypnotised and become the stars of the show. Even as few as three volunteers can make a very entertaining spectacle.

Each volunteer is rapidly hypnotised using a selection of my signature fast inductions.

Group Routines
The hypnotised volunteers take part in a series of entertaining routines, complete with musical backing or sound effects, designed to explore the imaginative and creative sides of their hypnotised minds.
Nobody is embarrassed or made to look foolish, yet the results are still hilarious.

Interval Antics
During a short interval, the hypnotised volunteers are sent back out amongst their friends, however, they can't help but perform the tasks I have set them: Little jobs to keep them occupied and everyone else entertained.

More Routines - Group and Individual
Back on stage, they report on the fruits of their labour and join in even more funny and entertaining hypnotic routines.
The hidden strengths of some of the unique personalities on display really have a chance to shine through in some improvised individual routines.
All this culminates in a final routine where the audience get the chance to show their appreciation for the brave and entertaining volunteers.

Finally, each volunteer is woken up from their experience and it begins to dawn on some of them exactly what they have just been doing. It all comes back to some people much later.
Some never remember!

I take safety very seriously and while it is not a requirement under New Zealand law, every show is
conducted in accordance with England's 1952 Hypnotism Act, one of the oldest and most highly
regarded pieces of legislation of this kind in the world.

Rest assured. The entertainment of your guests is in very good hands!

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Hello Robyn
Reg was fantastic, thank you for arranging this
Hannah Wright
Private Party

The event was a huge success and everyone was very impressed with Reg.
Thanks so much,
Fiona Haars

Reg did a great job and the whole conference went very well. Many thanks.
Janet Slack
Neonatal Service
Christchurch Women's Hospital

Hello Kellie

Thanks for your email. Reg was more than satisfactory – he was fantastic!! He went above and beyond what we expected and was a true professional.

A huge thanks to Reg for helping to make the night a great success.

Kind regards

Melinda Ferguson

Executive Assistant to the CEO

The New Zealand Merino Company Limited

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