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Lightning Rider - Lightning Bolts - Auckland Nationwide

Type: Circus act

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Lightning Rider
A startling spectacular and outstanding short feature for conference. Lightning shoots off this guy in all directions.
Basically the act is best kept short... 2/3 minutes and consists of 2 million volts flashing and arcing from the coil/performer. This is based on the work of Nickola Tesla a Electrical physics from the beginning of last century.
Requires large clear area surrounding act.
This is a relatively expensive option so only suited to major events

Show narrative:

Out of the Darkness, comes the crackle of Lightning bolts crashing into the night…
A being, dressed in a metal suit enters the stage area and interacts with the power of the lightning.
He begins on a journey of discovery, until he actually climbs on to the top of the machine, and discovers he has the power to direct the bolts of lightning.
The action intensifies as time goes on, and culminates in a dazzling display of technology and art…

Show length:

In its current form, the show lasts upto five minutes.
The show can be shortened if necessary to suit time slots…

Single Coil Specifications. 8 foot Arcs!

Physical Specs:

The tower stands 2 meters tall.
The base is 2 meters long and 1.2m wide.
The arcs generated are upto 8 feet long…
Clearance of 5 meters from the tower is required for audience and electrical equipment, bringing the total clear space required to an area 11 meters x 11 meters.
If indoors, there must be a minimum ceiling height of 7 meters, with no electrical equipment above the 11 x 11m clear area. (Contact me to discuss exceptions to this…)

The equipment packs down into one crate.
1x) 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m (approx weight 480kg)

Sound and Lighting Requirements:

Soundtrack can be supplied by us, or provided by the client to suit there venue.
Darkness is required for the show, with a soft blue light on the tower…

Power Requirements:

A 3 phase generator must be provided to supply the 230v 32Amps/phase, that is required to operate the machine. This is to ensure isolation from the other stage equipment being used and is for safety purposes…
The generator must have its RCD protection switched off so that the internal power filters in our controller do not trip it during the show.
Our power lead gives a length of 12 meters, and connects via a PDL 56serries 5pin plug…

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