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Type: Circus act

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Highly Flammable is a creative entertainment company that provides unique character based concepts for corporate, community and sporting events New Zealand wide.
There are a range of concepts to provide activity, interaction and atmosphere for guests.

Highly Flammable have full public liability insurance and safety equipment and systems.

They coordinate all details prior including parking, changing space, times etc.
An onsite Highly Flammable Performance Coordinator for ground support is included in the costs

Ideal for: corporate function, private party, community event, street parade, meet and greet

See Pictures of each option

Cheeky and fun roving human disco ball – getting photos, interacting and dancing.
Great for a wide variety of event types on entrance ways or roving!

Mirrorman's female counterpart! (Discount when paired with Mirrorman)

Bouncy Clown Stilt Walkers
Colourful and fun Bouncy Clown Stilt Walkers on interactive bouncy stilts rove and entertain throughout the event area with bubbles, ribbons and colour!

Formal Stilt Walkers
Formal Stilt Walkers rove and entertain throughout the event area or greeting on the entrance!

Mythical Fauns Stilt Walkers
A pair of body painted mythical characters on Stilts rove, interact and greet at the venue entrance or inside the venue!

Golden Living Statues
Highly Flammable's living statues are a sight to behold! Place on podiums on the entrance or inside the event, they are fun, photogenic and interactive!
They can also move around the event very slowly or as people approach and take photos for some extra intrigue!

Fire Entrance Greeters or Rovers
Two costumed professional ‘Fire Eaters’ on podiums welcome guests with fire on a variety of props (outside the entrance, not indoors).
A great way to clearly show guests they have ‘found the event!'
Works well in daylight or darkness
Flexibility to extend this to general crowd roving (if outside area), or in an area that can be viewed from inside (i.e. from windows).

Ground Dynamic Performers
Two ground characters interact and entertain at ground level with a range of performance arts such as Juggling, Poi, Ribbons or/and flags. These jokers are a perfect fun and interactive addition to any event and can be dressed in colourful costumes!

LED Glow Rovers
New age LED technology brings you sound activated multi coloured LED dancers!- Great onstage next to DJs / band or roving around an event.

Sporting Stilt Walkers
Sports or team themed characters on Stilts! Great on the entrance way as people arrive at the big game!

Animal Balloon Artist
A great addition to any event; our animal balloon artist is always a favourite with their fantastic colourful creations!
Ideally a seat and table are provided – this will be a popular activity!

Big Friendly Yeti
The big friendly Yeti enjoys playing hide and seek with children by sneaking behind trees and other objects. Kids love its big fluffy hugs! The Yeti can rove on the ground or be placed on Stilts for additional height.

Ground Roving Lions
Fun cheeky and interactive! These Body Painted Lions rove and entertain guest. They are always a fun favourite due to their interaction and play.

Las Vegas Ladies
These amazing ladies are a sight to behold! Classy, interactive and fun – great for amazing photos! Can be on or off Stilts.

All went really well thank you.
Acts were well received by runners/walkers on course

Hi Pete
Highly Flammable was amazing. Not only did they entertain us pyromaniacs but they elicited crowd participation. We had them perform after dinner, a time when things can fall flat at a party.My 20 year old son loved waving flaming sticks around.
I would highly recommend highly flammable. They are a great addition to any event such as the 50th birthday party for my wife that they performed at. 
Kind regards
Mike Simon

Hi Robyn
The day went really well. The performers worked hard in the heat but helped provide a festive atmosphere.
Many thanks

Hi Robyn
Yes all good, they entertained well, got the kids involved too.
Highly Flammable Jugglers

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