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Andre Vegas & Company - New Zealand's International Magician & Illusionist

Auckland based Magician Andre Vegas continues to thrill and amaze audiences of all ages around New Zealand and the world with unbelievable and remarkable action packed magic and illusion shows.

From corporate entertainment and full stage productions to close up magic and children's birthday shows. We can tailor a show to suit your requirements and budget.

Andre has a vast range of illusions and over thirty nine years of experience as a professional entertainer we can provide an illusion show to suit a family audience or adults only.

Close up magic. One on one illusion up close and personal. The perfect ice breaker for your next conference, product launch or event.

The largest illusion show in New Zealand, from classic to original illusions on a grand scale. Shows can include magic, comedy, music, dance, audience participation, attractive assistants, live animals, horror and themed shows. We have the complete entertainment package to suit your next event! Expect the unexpected!

Shows include:


Launch you new product or business, boost existing concepts with the magic ingredient!

Product Launches
Andre Vegas Magician is a specialist in Corporate Entertainment; Andre has used his magic to promote everything from cat food to motor vehicles.


Andre and his team can perform a full illusion show packed with large scale effects tailored for family or adult audiences.

Appearing cars or motorcycles
Saw a woman in half with a motor driven circular saw
Dissects assistants and even himself
The Houdini classic from an audience examined locked and roped trunk, leading to a lightning quick transposition of Andre and his assistant
Suspending a woman on the tips of swords
Levitating his assistant... floating up and down in mid - air
The flaming drop spike illusion - the name says is it all
Plus many many more


Andre Vegas Magic and Illusion can theme a show to suit your event and horror is Andres' personal favourite.

As the creator of the widely popular "Circus of Horrors - Not just another bloody circus" Andre has perfected the blend of horror, illusion, comedy and a smattering of blood.
Horror and theme shows are great for private parties, clubs, conferences and special events.

Some successful themes Andre Vegas Magic and Illusion offer are;

"Pirate Island"
"The Jailhouse Bash"
"Halloween Horror"
"The Vegas Horror Show"

You dream it we theme it!


Up Close and personal, one on one illusion with magician and full audience participation.

Comedy and magic combined using everyday items such as rings and money. You won't believe what Andre can do with your own personal items!
Its' magic service table to table or even wandering through the crowd.
The ideal ice breaker for your next social event, conference, cocktail party, private party or in store promotion.


Enhance your major attraction with a magician performing large scale Illusion.

Andre is one of the few magicians worldwide who dare to perform the upside down straightjacket escape, all this is happening while hanging high in the air attached from a burning rope.

"Double Jeopardy"
A double escape. Andre must escape and then free his assistant after being locked in a coffin, once again being suspended by a burning rope.

"Escape from Eternity"
Baiting death Andre narrowly escapes being crushed by a 12 tonne Kenworth truck, this can also be performed with a car that launches over a ramp.

Andre has been involved in speedway and stock car racing; he has held national titles and uses this experience to enhance these illusions and stunts. These stunts are usually performed with pyrotechnics and are always a great way to lead into a fireworks finale.


For a show that caters for all ages from pre-schoolers through to adults, family fun shows have something for everyone
Family fun shows encourage audience participation; they are a great mix of live animals, comedy and illusions.

Some places that are great for family fun shows are...

Shopping Malls
Christmas Parties "We can even appear Santa"
Private Functions
School Fairs
Community Events


Andre can put together a fun filled show, jam packed full of illusions and comedy which can also deliver an educational message for students if required.


Let Andre Vegas magician into your home and he will make your child the star of their own show!
Children are captivated by the magic and excitement of an action packed show which includes live animals such as doves and rabbits, balloon animals for the helpers and the birthday child gets to magically make their own birthday cake.
Larger illusions and balloon animals package can be added.

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Ideal for: corporate function, private party, gala event, charity fundraiser, fair,


Hi Robyn,
Sorry for delay in response. Yes All went well. Andre was great! Thanks to you to help organise the booking. Look forward to working with you again
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I have seen Andre perform on several occasions, each show different and every illusion has been great and held audience spellbound.... a class act!
Pete McGregor

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