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Butt the Butler - Interactive Comedy - Auckland

Type: Comedian / MC

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Great for Work Do’s, Functions And Team Building with a difference.

Ideal for Team building, Meet and greet, Mingling, Comedy nights or as MC.

Comedy night with Butt the Butler

Often at events; those attending can be a little shy and tense … Butt quickly removes any anxieties and creates an atmosphere of fun and “what’s next”. This is an excellent ice breaker. Those in Butts presence will be at ease, ready to mix and have fun. The ending, which I will not mention, will never be forgotten.
With many years of service Butt the butler gages the guests well. He will entertain but never offend and his comedy timing is impeccable.
This act is great during seated, dinner or standing occasions and is an excellent ice-breaker for formal or informal events. If required Butt is an entertaining MC, presenting acts or running the nights proceedings.
This act is great for any gathering or occasion requiring a people pleaser.
Butt the Butler is sure to electrify the atmosphere of any setting with his look and manner. From the beginning of the night he sets a comedic scene, welcoming guests as they arrive, this can involve anything from giving neck and foot massages to marital advice, Butt uses zany props and quick witted remarks; all to keep the guest happy, relaxed and amused. If needed, Butt can provide entertainment with a hilarious stand up comedy magic act featuring adult games and audience participation.

With many years of service Butt the butler guages the guests well. He will entertain but never offend, will encourage interaction without being intrusive, and his comedy timing is impeccable.
Butt can also help run the evening by announcing, serving and presenting at your requests…he is there to help make the evening a success, so just ask him; he is sure to please.
Butt is sure to bring a laugh to any occasion!

We also suggest an award-ceremony, whereby you provide a list of people and prizes or certificates for funny things they might have done. In house jokes rule.

Butt has performed throughout NZ and Sweden. Highlights have been the Americas cup, Scandinavian Rotary Presidents Annual meeting, Castrol NZ and various corporate and social events.
Have Butt meet your guest at your next conference or event, he will sure help break down the barriers!

Butt the Butler’s Relive History COMEDY CAPER NIGHT SHOW

Be entertained in the ways of the rich, privileged and upper class.
This show was created using the amusements that titillated the English aristocracy.
Bring history to life; relive and participate in an actual evening of entertainment that was held at the Manor of Sir Arthur Montague-Smythe.
As people arrive, they are greeted by a creepy Butler, called Butt. The master has equipped Butt with a list of tasks and amusements to keep the guests happy, relaxed and amused.
The evening is a hilarious, riotous mix of audience participation and interaction. Knowing New Zealanders are a competitive lot; a competition is introduced with teams created and then vying against each other with hilarious games such as Horizontal Rumba, the Kiwi Fruit up the Trouser leg and other titillating muses.
Jokes flow throughout the evening, and Butt introduces an element of sophistication with his session of stand-up comedy, magic and sleight of hand- or is that slippery hand, because goodness knows where his hands have been.
We suggest an award-ceremony, whereby you provide a list of people and prizes or certificates for funny things they might have done.
Something like this
“The fender bender bumper banger award”
The reason
“For his immense driving skills while trying to deliver a Pizza and forgetting that hand breaks are there for a reason.
Goes to John Brown
This is just an idea example.
You might even like to get a small prize from the two dollar shop that in some way relates to the incident.
This is always a winner as In house jokes rule.

Good morning Robyn,
Thanks for your follow up email.
Butt arrived early, was organised and in character from the beginning. He was professional, suitably crude and the massages were enjoyed by everyone. People were unsure about him at first, but then relaxed. He was good.
Have a lovely weekend,
Kind regards,
Pioneer Capital
Casino Royal themed Christmas Party

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