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Rick Sahar As - Street Entertainer Strolling Character - Wellington

Type: Clown

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Tricky The Clown
Professional family entertainment that will appeal to all ages.
'Tricky' performs for around 45 minutes: I start the show as 'Rick' and change into 'Tricky' by applying makeup and slipping on the costume. This helps keep the little ones, who may be afraid of a clown suddenly appearing, feeling safe; I'd hate to ruin a kid's day! It also respects the intelligence of the older kids who would challenge a clown appearing ('you're just dressed up'!).

This way I get all the kids onboard for a great time together through music, magic, juggling, and prizes - with lots of audience participation along the way.

Suitable for any size audience - and any age! Social clubs, staff's family day, and Christmas or private parties.


Tricky is well known to many children and parents, having performed
hundreds of shows in the past 18 years of Rick Sahar's 25 year career
as a professional clown and entertainer.

As young children may be afraid of a clown suddenly appearing, the 40
minute show starts with "Rick" changing into "Tricky" by Rick putting
on his clown makeup and slipping into Tricky's clown suit in front of
the children.

This approach gains the children's interest and trust as it is
similar to their own "dressing up" thry do in fantasy play. By seeing
"Rick" change into "Tricky" in this way, it ensures the show will be
an enjoyable experience for all.

While the children find this show delightfully stimulating, they are
not overwhelmed. Tricky skilfully guides the children into the
Clown's world through fun music, simple magic tricks, scarf juggling,
a balloon animal demo while encouraging the children to participate.

When you book a show, you also receive a free "Tricky the Clown"
music CD - a fun-filled half-hour of clowning songs and other clown
activities led by Tricky that includes all the songs used during the
show, and more.

Both the show and music CD are based on a sound knowledge of early
childhood development, suitable for 2 - 5 years. The free CD is a
great way to follow-up the learning and fun experienced during the
show. Children enjoy hearing again the music from Tricky's show and
the additional activities further extend the Clown theme. Be prepared
to hear "Tricky's CD" requested again and again!

Santa “Claws”
Wouldn’t you too be pissed-off having to wear a red suit and white beard to look old and fat when everyone else is partying?!
So you take it out on the party-goers, using information supplied by work-mates to poke fun at people during their end-of-year staff party. Definitely “adult”, this is a new fun way to acknowledge the “silly season” that could also include “Santa Claws” handing out specially chosen gifts and “awards” to those who deserve it.

Man in Black
Secret Agent / Bodyguard / Man of Mystery While your guests are gathering at your special event, ensure their enjoyment (and safety?) with the roving “MiB”.
Communicating through a “wire” to an imaginary HQ, the “MiB” downloads data on people and uses what seem to be “high tech” gadgets to scan people, and the occasional women’s handbag, with hilarious results. This roving show would suit as an “ice-breaker” for any occasion, as it will add intrigue and anticipation to your special event.

The Old Waiter
He’s old, stooped, and slow …and mute - just what you would not want in a waiter. But this “Old Waiter’s” roving show is very funny and includes a bit of close-up magic that will leave your guests awe-struck.
Performed on many occasions with brilliant results, you may like to add “The Old Waiter” to your dinner/cocktail party menu as more subtle, low-keyed alternative entertainment to the “Manuel from Fawlty Towers” show.

in 2011 Rick was awarded the prestigious Variety Artists Club of NZ Variety Artist of the year award

Hi Robyn,
Yes he was great and the children really loved his balloons – would definitely recommend him to anyone needing this type of entertainment in the future
Kind Regards,
Tracey Henderson
Office Assistant
PAKnSAVE Kilbirnie
Rick as Tricky the Clown

Rick was fabulous. A real laugh and well done.
Many thanks.
Have a great Christmas.
Sally Killick
Rick as Santa Claws

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