April 21, 2020


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OK so now the Government has given us some good news for those of you planning an event or looking a re scheduling a postponed event.

Our understanding is that under Level 2 we will be able to have gatherings of 100 people indoors or 500 people for outdoor events.

Here are the rules:

Gatherings only allowed for up to 100 people indoors, and up to 500 outdoors. These are total permitted numbers. This includes funerals and tangihanga up to same number as permitted at this level for gatherings. Additional conditions on gatherings: • Physical distancing and infection prevention and control requirements must be met. • All gatherings must record attendees to ensure contact tracing may be conducted if necessary. • No participants allowed who have COVID-19 symptoms or who need to be in isolation/ quarantine for any reason

So this should mean that events can be held after 19th May assuming that they do move to level 2 round about that time. Certainly events could be planned from June on.

After the Christchurch earthquakes it was interesting to see that people wanted to party. Hopefully New Zealanders as a whole will feel that way to so entertainers can start earning some money again. It has been very hard for them (and their agents ) surviving during this period

Lets get cracking and party!


Pete McGregor
Pete McGregor


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