April 14, 2020


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What terrible times we live in.

First let me wish everyone well. Please stay home and stay safe. Both performers and customers.

We will be manning our computers for a while each week day so customers if you have an enquiry for an event late this year or for 2021 please send it in and we will action it.

Now is a good time to review your listing with PME. 

Is it up to date?
Maybe amend your blurb
musicians and bands: look at your wedding options. PME often have to make assumptions about your abilities based on your blurb.

So you might like to look at the blurb but also tell us what you can do for wedding clients?

Can you perform at the service? Maybe one member of the band? Minimal amplification or battery amp? - write a blurb about what you can do. Sound or even better video sample?

Can you perform background for the canapes or the dinner? - if so how do you do it, what repertoire, length of time etc. Write a short blurb

Can you perform for the dance? If no, tell us. If yes, then what repertoire? How long, Max crowd size?

This is your chance to increase your exposure (poor choice of words Pete!) once things are up and running again

Did you know that if you work part or full time as an entertainer you can apply for Government wage subsidy? Check the WINZ site.


PME will be working on other ideas for musicians to augment income (or at least perform a valuable public service) during the Lock Down.... One idea is a possible register of musicians able to teach an instrument using facetime or similar. Think you could do this? Let us know. There must be hundreds of bored  kids out there who would love to spend some time learning guitar. Could you help?


Got some ideas? Let us know.

And lets have a hell of a party when this blows over!

Good luck and stay well
Pete and Robyn

Pete McGregor
Pete McGregor


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