November 28, 2019

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Merry Christmas everyone and Best Wishes for 2020

Hi everyone

PME would just like to say have a very merry Christmas to all our customers. Thanks for dealing with PME during 2019. We hope we can help you with your entertainment needs during 2020

To all of our Myriad of entertainers - Guys and Gals have a great relaxing Christmas. Re charge those batteries so you can come back in 2020 flying!

Pete and Yvonne are off to the USA and Canada and will have a white Christmas in New York and New Year will be celebrated in Chicago. We hope to take in some shows while in New York and certainly see some great Jazz in both New York and Chicago.  Going to be cold though -11 degrees maybe. Still the shops are heated!

Our thanks to Robyn for her great work during the year, tireless as always

All the best to all of your for 2020

Pete McGregor
Pete McGregor